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Occupational Testing

Occupational Psychology Consultancy

Real Training provides a wide range of occupational psychology consultancy services to support organisations identify, develop and retain the right people. Our approach is highly people-focused, as the true value of any organisation lies in the individuals who go to make it up. Below are examples of how we may work with you to enhance your organisational value and effectiveness, but as all our approaches are tailored to our clients, please call us to discuss your needs.

Psychometric test development and validation: For organisations interested in developing their own tests, surveys or other forms of assessment, we have extensive experience in development from the initial ideas through to publication and roll-out. We can also provide statistical validation of your assessment methods, allowing you to identify the most effective approaches, streamline systems and identify return on investment.

Assessment for selection: From identifying the needs of your organisation through to developing assessment processes and conducting the assessments, we can work with you at all stages of the selection process to ensure you select the right people for the job. Our approaches are based on the latest research into effective selection practise, often involving techniques such as psychometric assessments, competency-based interviews and live exercises including presentations, problem-solving tasks, fact-finds and in-trays.

Assessment for development: How to grow talent is one of the major challenges facing organisations today. One size certainly does not fit all, and here is where assessment has an invaluable role to play. Whether through individual programmes or organisation-wide development centres we use a range of approaches to identify strengths, styles and development needs, so providing the foundation for raising self-awareness and identifying personalised development needs.

e-Learning: Whether creating a short e-learning course to support face-to-face training or a fully fledged Postgraduate Diploma online course that could take up to a year to complete, we apply the latest psychological insights to maximise engagement, sustain motivation and deliver successful learning. Our pedagogy is strongly practice-led. Feedback from our courses confirms that learning is successful when objectives are clear and application is immediate. In other words, participants learn best when they learn to ‘do’. We’ll work closely with you, using action mapping to define the behaviours the learner needs to adopt as a result of the course. We’ll establish the key actions expected of participants, create real-world practical activities, and select the key information to help them complete the tasks. To find out more about e-learning, please visit our dedicated site.

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